Supported Networks

Support for new blockchains is added by developing new “data connections.” We define “data connections” as support for reading the state of two distinct Ethereum blockchains (L1s and/or L2s). Data connections can be one-directional or bi-directional.

For example, reading Ethereum Goerli from zkSync Era Goerli is a one-directional data connection as it enables reading arbitrary Ethereum Goerli on-chain data on zkSync Era Goerli. Please note that this is a one-directional connection, as reading zkSync Era Goerli data from Ethereum Goerli is not supported at this time.

Our mission is to enable bi-directional data connections between all Ethereum ecosystem blockchains.

The origin chain is the source from which the on-chain data is retrieved. The destination chain is where we want to access origin chain data from.

Supported Networks




Ethereum Goerli*

Starknet Goerli*

Ethereum Goerli*

zkSync Era Goerli*

*Test network

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