Use Cases

Storage Proof Use Cases

Here are a few examples of what can be built using Herodotus Storage Proofs:

Use CaseOpportunity

Cross-chain lending

Lending platforms can offer cross-chain lending by enabling users to secure loans on one chain, supported by a storage proof of collateral from another. For instance, securing a loan on a Layer 2 platform using collateral on Ethereum.


Storage proofs for margin accounts and withdrawals, ensuring sufficient margin and debt obligations are met.

Account recovery

Trigger a withdrawal to a predefined address if specific criteria are fulfilled. For example, a storage proof showing that the wallet nonce has not changed in over a year.


Insurance protocols can leverage storage proofs to automate claims based on predefined conditions. Upon risk events, storage proofs can be generated and submitted for near-instant on-chain verification, enabling fast, efficient and transparent claim processing.


Enable users to vote on Layer 2 using their Ethereum-held assets, eliminating the need for bridging.


Verify locked assets on an origin chain using storage proofs and initiate the minting of equivalent tokens on the target chain.


Enable users to purchase in-game NFTs across different Layer 2s. Utilize storage proofs as an app-chain operator to confirm user asset ownership on your app chain.

Access to RANDAO

Access to RANDAO randomness generated by the Ethereum Consensus Layer.

Circuit Breakers

Halt a protocol if a storage proof demonstrates unexpected behaviour on another chain.

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